Dog Grooming Range

Simbae’s Dog Grooming Range consists of Shampoo’s,
Daily Sprays & Detanglers, that use a combination of natural
extracts, ingredients & signature scents to soften,
soothe & nourish your dog’s fur needs.

Cat Grooming Range

Felines can make a toy out of anything due to their playful nature
and they need to be pampered for all that purring and love they given us!
By adding the love and care of Simbae’s Cat Grooming Range.
Consisting of Shampoo’s, Daily Sprays and Detanglers,
with the combination of natural extracts, ingredients & signature scents
to provide the right nourishment, care & restorative properties for your cat’s fur & skin!

Cat & Dog Grooming Range

Most people are either a cat or dog person, but this range is for those who
can’t choose in between the two! Save by purchasing a range, suitable for both dog and cats!
now you can enjoy Simbae’s Cat & Dog Grooming Range that has products suitable for all
the furry four-legged, love of your life! Our natural grooming range will nurture your pets coat
and skin, while adding a signature scent to your pet’s fur!

Cleaning Range

As humans, we change our beds, clean our home, wash our clothes
and make our living environments the cleanest we can! So once you try,
you will absolutely agree that Simbae’s Cleaning Range is your No. 1 choice
for sanitising and controlling odour in your pet’s favourite spaces. Our range is safe to
use in all pet areas, surfaces, cages, kennels and even pet bedding. The sense of smell is a
Dog and Cat’s best asset, they’ll show you they love Simbae!

Spoiling pets globally!

Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a Natural Health Products distributor with a reputation for providing premium quality products and exceptional customer service. Solid internal infrastructure, broad product selection and superior support have created a company that is an industry leader in this sector.

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